Our award-winning studio focuses on quality over quantity, with meticulous attention to detail and making sure a quality design is delivered. Capturing the brief in the design and layout of spaces, form, look and feel is important to us. We are always looking for unique projects that required innovative design and aspiration for sustainability.

Master Planning

Early Master planning is essential to creating a successful design, the design of the master plan can have a compounded affect on the quality of space and buildings. It is the first critical step in urban space planning and should not be ignored lightly. A well thought out master plan can increase the value of spaces and areas mentally, emotionally as well as economically.


Advice and consulting on sustainable design practices and incorporation of green technology on new and existing projects.

Interior Design

We prefer to carry the overall concept and design into the interior so that the building can be designed as a whole all the way down to the finest detail. As Architects we encourage interior design as much as exterior. Architecture is not just about one or the other but rather both together, complimenting each other.

Renovation Design and Coordination

Have a dated or broken building? As Architects we can help you envisage something new and exciting and take you through the process of redesigning external and internal spaces. With our extensive experience we are confident that we can guide you through any building renovation or space.

Bathroom Design Specialists

With our extensive experience designing and detailing all types of bathrooms, from simple home renovations to High end London Penthouse bathrooms, we are here to provide you with a quality design and careful attention to detailing. We believe bathrooms require some of the most careful attention to detail.

Technical Design and Detailing

We have delivered buildings in South Africa, UK and Mauritius. As such our knowledge of multiple building systems and technical detailing is vast. We have often provided assistance in resolving difficult details and situations that require detailed technical input and advice.

Site supervision

Working together with the client and site teams are a critical part of delivering a well thought out, quality design. We work closely with the site team to ensure they receive the support and insight from the Architects perspective. Seeing a project through to completion is our passion. Site supervision always results I a better final product.

Project Feasibility

Through our many years of experience and range of projects, we have placed ourselves well inn providing in depth project feasibilities which can help you determine the size, scale and type of project you can do, along side a financial feasibility which provides you with an overall picture of the potential project as well as the possible economical value it can achieve.